Palms & Sub-tropical

Our palm selection includes Tauranga's favourite the Queen Palm. Also, Chatham Island Nikaus, which are the quickest and hardiest of Nikau.

Palms carried here at Decor include:

  • Fishtail Palms
  • European Fan Palms
  • Living Stonia Palms
  • Butia Palms
  • Queen Palms
  • Chatham Island Nikaus
  • Bamboo Palms
  • Sago Palms
  • Golden Cane Palms
  • Fan Palms

A favourite smaller growing palm is the Dwarf Date Palms and for the front door pot try a gorgeous Sago Palm or Golden Cane Palm; these also look great planted in the garden!

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How to Guides

Get stuck into your garden with these helpful guides:

How to Guide for Pruning

Some plants require a bit of extra effort and the team here at Décor Gardenworld thought it important to let you know a few basic techniques for pruning.

Pest and Disease Control

Most gardeners want to harvest good crops relatively free of pests and diseases, grown in a safe environmentally sustainable manner.

Success with Annuals

For gorgeous, cheerful, colour-plant your favorite annuals

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