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Décor Gardenworld belongs to a group of independent Garden Centres from throughout New Zealand.

When wandering around our garden centre, you may see a selection of ican branded products.
The ican brand is our very own, created by the Garden Independent Network a group of independent Garden Centres from throughout New Zealand. In an age where prices have been pushed lower, quality can sometimes suffer. With ican products we are committed to quality and putting you first! Keep an eye out for the ican label in our store. You will be glad you did.

Ican Harvest Fruit Tree Range:
Exclusive to Decor Gardenworld. These fruit trees have been hand picked for you, so you can be assured that it will perform exceptionally well. They are perfect for the home garden and are excellent grown in pots. They will produce tasty, reliable fruit. They also make a fabulous gift.

Ican Glove Range​​:
Exclusive to Decor Gardenworld.  Great quality and ideal for wearing when pruning your roses and fruit trees.

Ican Tool Range​​:
Exclusive to Decor Gardenworld. Great quality and include the stainless steel Japanese Hoe, the stainless steel Flax Cutter, the long handled Japanese Hoe, the stainless steel Paving Weeder and the fixed Bulb Planter. We even carry the Left Handed stainless steel Japanese Hoe.

Ican Fertiliser Range:
Exclusive to Decor Gardenworld.  This range includes:
* Ican Slow Food - perfect for fertilising your roses and fruit trees.
* Ican Fast Food - liquid food for all indoor and outdoor plants.
* Ican Real Blood & Bone - feeds all plants and improves soil structure.
* Ican Organic Vege Food - balanced nutrients to boost veges.
* Ican OceanGrow - fish food to promote strong growth for all plants.
* Ican Fruit Food - specifically targeted fertiliser for new and existing fruit trees.
* Ican Fruit Food for Pots and Containers - ideal for your potted fruiting plants.
* Ican Indoor Plant Food - all the essential nurtrients for your indoor plants.
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