Garlic 'Creole'

The intense flavoured Garlic 'Creole' is now available!

This is the first season we have been able to access this particular Garlic variety and they have already started to fly off the counter!

This is a hard neck variety which cracks open nicely once the bulb has cured - making it even easier for you to fetch just a single clove for cooking.

Garlic 'Creole' grows and stores well. They are best planted from April to June so hurry in to secure yours now!

'Sun Catcher' Daffodil

These stunning bulbs are guaranteed to produce doubled, yellow blooms frilled with orange ruffles between the petals.

They can reach up to five inches in width!

With their size and colour, they are sure to be a stunner when rising above early spring's smaller blooms.

Hydrangea 'Harlequin'

With unusual bicolor blooms, this Hydrangea produces large (15cm) clusters with cerise pink florets edged framed by thin bands of white.
In full bloom, these plants put on a stunning display in the garden.
This variety of Hydrangea can grow to around 120cm.

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