Some plants require a bit of extra effort and the team here at Décor Gardenworld thought it important to let you know a few basic techniques for pruning.  In order to get prolonged enjoyment from the plants in your garden, some will require cutting back here and there to promote new growth along with lush healthy foliage, flowers and fruit.

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  • “Ornamentals” that flower on new season’s growth such as Roses, Fuchsias and Hibiscus are pruned in mid-winter (roses), or early spring when any danger from frosts may be damaging in the case of softer plants.
  • Many of the South African or Australian shrubs such as Leucodendrons, Leucospermums, Boronias, Erica and Eriostemen are pruned immediately after flowering has concluded.
  • Hardy deciduous woody shrubs, such as Snowball and Mock Orange burst into flower in spring from the bare stems.  Once flowering has finished they can be pruned immediately before new growth occurs.
  • Many foliage plants including natives such as Five Fingers or Pittosporums are best pruned in late winter.
  • “Fruiting” plants require various techniques – as apple and pears fruit on spurs: peaches and nectarines on one year wood, whilst plums on 2-3 year old wood.


If in doubt or you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call or email us for more information – or drop in and see our friendly helpful staff here at Décor Gardenworld in Bethlehem.

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