Rhododendrons & Vireyas

The ‘in’ Plant

The brilliant colours of Vireya Rhodos always delight. There's a vast colour range and we have a comprehensive selection at Decor Gardenworld.

Plant for a stunning burst of colour - they're also great for container planting.


Tropic Glow
Shepherds Warning
Golden Charm
Simbu Sunset
Ne Plus Ultra
Saxon Glow
Satan's Gift
Saxon Blush

Hymalayan Rhodos

Rhododendrons make a fantastic show through springtime and come in many sizes and colours … red, pink, purple, white, yellow, black and even blue.

Originating from the mountains of Nepal, you would think that rhodos prefer a cool climate; however the varieties available to us in Tauranga are selected hybrids and grow extremely well here.

This year we are excited to have on offer again Rhododendron ‘Blue Bells’

Blue Bells has very elegant upright trusses of deep blue/purple which when open show a white centre. She will grow to @1.8m and has nice dark green foliage, making her a great addition to the medium sized garden.One of the best things about rhodos is their hardiness and trouble free habit. They are a perfect shrub for backbone plantings, underplantings, borders, lawn specimens, containers and even hedges!

What to plant

If you have a smaller garden, you can get dwarf varieties – including the lovely red ‘Rubicon’, peachy ‘Percy Wiseman’ and the fragrant white ‘John Bull’. If you have more space plant ‘Mt Everest’ (white), ‘Purple Heart’ (purple of course) or the stunning Sir Robert Peel (hot pink).

Where to plant

Plant rhodos with some good moisture holding compost and slow release fertiliser and keep them well watered through hot dry spells, especially whilst they are becoming established over the first couple of years. Once the roots are in, rhodos will give you many years of pleasure – as can be seen in some of the very big and old ones you see around Tauranga.

So if its value for money and longevity you are after in your garden, choose a few rhodos. At Decor Gardenworld we have a large range of rhodo plants which are currently full of buds and starting to flower ... but be quick as stocks are limited!

There are many others to choose from so please ask our friendly knowledgeable staff and we will be happy to help you with anything to do with Vireya Rhodos!

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How to Guides for Rhododendrons & Vireyas

Get stuck into your garden with these helpful guides:

Pest and Disease Control

Most gardeners want to harvest good crops relatively free of pests and diseases, grown in a safe environmentally sustainable manner.


Nutrients required for growth

Potting Mix and Mulch

Ensure your plants are well nourished and fed by matching the right potting mix and mulch for better growing results.

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