David Austin / English Roses Roses - The Queen of Flowers!

These are the most popular and readily available roses and the varieties below are what we, the team at Décor Gardenworld, would like to recommend. There are many others to choose from so please ask our friendly knowledgeable staff here at Décor Gardenworld and we will be happy to help you with anything to do with Roses!


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Mary Rose
Graham Thomas
Abraham Darby
The Pilgrim
William Shakespeare
Sharifa Asma
L.D. Braithwaite

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How to Guides for Rose Gardening

Get stuck into your rose garden with these helpful guides:

Success with Roses

Everyone Loves Roses! The colour, fragrance and formation of the rose is unbeatable. With a little bit of care and attention you can grow your own beautiful bouquet of roses

Pest and Disease Control

Most gardeners want to harvest good crops relatively free of pests and diseases, grown in a safe environmentally sustainable manner.

Potting Mix and Mulch

Ensure your plants are well nourished and fed by matching the right potting mix and mulch for better growing results.


Nutrients required for growth

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