ican Real Blood and Bone

It's real! ican Real Blood & Bone; Bone is the best you can buy!  It contains almost DOUBLE the nitrogen of others on the market - because nothing has been taken out and no fillers have been added. It is as it says REAL Blood & Bone. Start your veges and plants off with a real boost and you will be rewarded with instant growth. It's the good stuff - like grandad used to use!

At last after 35 years, we have found a supply of REAL Blood and Bone. What is the difference you might ask? Blood and Bone is made from abattoir waste consisting of bone hoof, horn, waste meat and blood.

Since about 1980, the blood has been processed separately and used for other high value purposes, leaving very little blood in the fertiliser for the last 35 years. Blood is the ingredient that contributes most of the nutrients of nitrogen.

The nitrogen content of our ican REAL Blood and Bone is almost double that of other brands and the phosphate content the same. (Check the analysis content on the labels of each).

Use ican REAL Blood and Bone on your garden and see the difference.

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