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Great for any garden, NZ Native Pants work well in Tauranga. Use foliage and textures together for the best effect. Mostly evergreen, the range of native plants have many characteristics that cover most garden situations. Low groundcovers, small and large shrubs to trees and climbers, whatever your needs, there is sure to be a NZ native plant that will suit the situation.

Putting it together

Below is a selection of recommendations which are sure to perform well in most garden conditions.

Popular Flowering Natives

• Hebes, including the Royal Family Katherine , George and Charlotte.
• Sophora-Kowhais
• Leptospermum- Manuka varieties
• Metrosideros- Pohutakawa,and hybrids including Springfire Tahiti and Rata Screen Plants
• Griselinia (fantastic for hedging)
• Dodonea- Ake Ake
• Olearia
• Corokia (great hedge)
• Pittosporum species-there’s lots of choice here
• Sophora- like Dragons Gold

Container plants

• Astelias
• Coprosmas
• Cordyline- especially red Fountain
• Griselinia
• Pohutakawa

Foliage Plants

• Astelia
• Carex
• Coprosma
• Cordylines
• Griselinia
• Corokias
• Libertia
• Puka
• Olearia
• Flaxes-huge range
• Pittosprum
• Pseudopanax
• Kowhai
These all make fine accent or backbone plantings and we also have larger growing natives like, Titoki, Kauri ,Karaka and Rimu

Best groundcovers

• Coprosma species
• Pimelia
• Libbertia
• Carex
• Aceana species

Best Coastal Plants

• Pohutakawa
• Pseudopanax
• Coprosma
• Griselinia
• Phormium
• Cordyline-Cabbage Trees
• Poor Knights Lilly-Xeromema

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