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Come and see our extensive range of outdoor and indoor garden art, much of which is locally made - koru's, statues and quirky fellows like sheep, cats ...


At Decor you'll find many styles of wind sculptures to add interest to all gardens and they're fascinating to watch as they move with the wind!

WINDSTICKS - Garden Art and a Bird Feeder

Kinetic wind sculpture and bird feeder sticks that gently sway in the breeze.
Simply push each stick into the ground or into a weighted down pot and you have not only a really attractive garden feature but a fantastic bird feeder.
To feed the birds just slide fruit, bread etc down the Windstick as in the picture and the birds will happily flit from stick to stick.
Come and see them on display and watch the Waxeyes enjoy feeding from them. 

Just a little bit cool

We spend lots of time collecting and styling the inside of our homes with photos, keepsakes from our adventures, and whatever it is that’s trending. Yet often, there’s a disconnect between the personality and vibe of our indoor areas with the spaces outdoors. The answer to this is Just a little bit cool.

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