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We have many easycare plants available that suit the Tauranga area.


Often our customers want an easycare garden or ‘Maintenance Free’ gardens.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as Maintenance free however selecting the right plants for the right place will go a long way to reducing the amount of maintenance you need to do, thus creating an Easycare Garden. 

Here are a few of our favourite Easycare Plants.



Upright and prostrate forms are available. Plant Rosemary in dry spots, to hang over walls or to attract Bees or use in cooking. Hardy, fast growing and easy.



Native to South America, these hardy members of the Iris family will grow in dry shade or sun and are great for mass plantings. They are covered in flowers over the summer months.



These great NZ native iris are trouble free and ideal for the easy care garden providing good colour and structure in the garden.



This Aussie import is ideal for mass plantings ,on banks in sun or shade and looks great in pots. There are a number of different varieties ranging in sizes and colour. If they grow to big for your space they can be trimmed with the hedge trimmer and will grow back nice and fresh and green. 



Iconic kiwi easy care plants. Great for dry sunny spots and containers. You will never need to do much to these.  Nandina Gulf Stream is a favourite along with Nandina pygmaea.



This is a large family of plants which predominantly flower through the winter. They like the sun and will not let you down. Grevillea LadyO will flower nearly all year .

Grevillea Gaudi Chaudi is brilliant as a ground-cover or hanging over a bank.

There are many more varieties available too.



Another Kiwi favourite. Good as ground covers or colourful foliage shrubs. Occasional trimming will help to keep these tidy and colourful.

See Coprosma Inferno, Coprosma Evening Glow, Lemon and Lime if you want great foliage colour.



Easy care and tolerant of very dry conditions.

There are lots of fun and interesting succulents available .Try using different colour and textures together to create some interest. Aloes are great for dry banks and pots too.

Be mindful to ensure they do not get too wet in the winter months. Succulents need good drainage and plenty of sun.



The Carex family is good for easy care gardens. Variegated Carex Evergold is a favourite. Good as border plantings and en-masse. See our range in store..



Great for shady spots and ideal a a border planting. A no fuss plant.



We have an interesting range of Agapanthus .Tinkerbell is a great little variegated Agi and Agapanthus Lapis is a nice dark blue dwarf variety. Streamline is another nice small blue and Agipetite is a new generation pure white small growing Agapanthus .



A great easy care shrub with lovely burgundy foliage.

Loropetalum Burgundy is good as a backbone shrub, or if you want something a little smaller go for Plum Delight. Great planted in groups or trim as a hedge .



A good family of evergreen and deciduous shrubs that need little attention.

Viburnum Eve Price and Gwenlyan are favourites.

 Viburnum Snowball is another good easy care large growing shrub.


Other easycare plants include Camellias, Rhododendrons, Leucodendrons, Flaxes, Hebes and Bottlebrush are all available in store.


Come and see our friendly team for advice.