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Bring another dimension to your garden with whimsical climbing plants!

Climbers usually have a purpose for covering fences or walls but they are simply effective over garden frames or gazebos given the right plant. Some climbers are also very effective ground cover plants!

As with other plants, there are a range of climbers suited to different soils and climates. They are evergreen and deciduous, with spectacular flowers, foliage and scent.

There are a range of different climbers to choose from depending on what you want to achieve.

Vigorous strong growers will totally cover a large shed if left un-checked. Only one plant is normally required if this is what you need.

Stem clinging climbers are the ones where the stems root into the support such as a tree or host plant. They usually overpower it over time. Examples are ivy or NZ Rata. Low growing climbers or trailers are often used as ground cover, while medium vigour climbers are the most common climbers gardeners will plant.

Popular Climbers


Vigorous Climbers

Grapes – Fruiting or Ornamental

Virginian creeper



Pandorea - some species


Medium Vigouros Climbers

Pandorea - some species


Climbing roses


Bougainvillea – some species






Sweet Pea – Lathyrus

nicera – Honeysuckle


Passiflora – Ornamental passionfruit

Potato vine Solanum jasminoides grandiflora

Blue Potato vine Solanum wendlandii

Black eyed susan –Thunbergia alata

Thunbergia species

Stem Clinging Climbers


NZ Rata – Metrosideros carminea

Ficus pumila or climbing fig

Hydrangea - Self Clinging

Low Growing or Trailing

Star Jasmine – trachelospermum

Pelagonium peltatum

Climbing Lasiandra – Heterocentron roseus