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Success with Annuals


The term annual is applied to garden flowers that complete their life cycle in the span of one growing season. This means they come up in the spring, grow, flower, set seed and then die after the cold snap in the autumn.  Here at Décor Gardenworld we have a huge selection of annuals to add a splash of colour to you garden, your pots and outdoor living area.

  • Prior to planting, cultivate the soil and add some compost or peat.  When using pots it is important to always use good fresh potting mix to ensure the best results.
  • When planting, ensure the seedlings are damp, also try to avoid excessive root disturbance. Plant the seedlings firmly, with lower leaves just above the surface.
  • Plant the seedlings reasonably close to ensure mass display with no unsightly gaps.
  • Water immediately after planting.
  • Protect from slugs and snails using - we recommend that you try Quash for protection against these slimy pests.  Quash is a great product if you have pets that are likely to gobble up the dead snails or the Quash pellets, this product is totally safe for pets.  We also recommend Blitzem to control slugs and snails.
  • Regular dead-heading ensures prolonged flowering.
  • Staking may to necessary to support taller plants over 50cms.

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