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New to Decor Gardenworld is the Ziggy Series BBQ's.

Available in a range of sizes, this European inspired design outclasses its competitors with innovative technology and superior power output. With a choice of a portable,single, twin or triple burner, and even a choice on stands, you can pick the BBQ that fits your lifestyle. If you are looking for accessories that allow you to literally cook any type of food item on the BBQ- then look no further; they even have a condiment accessory attachment, that allows you to keep your favourite sauces handy! 

 Portable Grill $479
 Twin Grill $649                         Triple Grill $849              
Folding Cart Stand
Only available for the
Portable and Twin Grill $189.00
Mobile Cart Stand
Only available for the Twin at
$210.00 & Triple at $220.00